Chi-Q Chi-Q Chi-Q Chi-Q Chi-Q


Chef Jean-Georges and Marja Vongerichten have joined forces to open their first restaurant together, Chi-Q, located at Three on the Bund in Shanghai, China. The restaurant name is a combination of “Chi” which is short for kimchi and “Q” representing the classic barbeque cooking style. The menu is comprised of dishes that were developed by marrying Marja’s traditional Korean recipes with Jean-Georges’ modern spin on Asian flavors. Chi-Q is a celebration of a culture committed to the age-old practice of taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary. It’s about loud, punchy flavors, about ingredients that take time to pickle and ferment, about barbeque over an open fire built into the dining table. It’s about banchan, the huge variety of side dishes that accompany every Korean meal. It’s also about communal eating; sharing food and time with family, about a culture that’s simultaneously rooted in tradition and devoted to innovation.