Crunchy Soft Shell Crab, Sugar Snap Remoulade

Crunchy Soft Shell Crab, Sugar Snap Remoulade

For The Batter:
1 ½ C Soda H2o
1 C Ap Flour

Mix Well Just Before Using. When No Longer Bubbly Make Fresh.
For The Tempura Soft Shell Crab: For 2 Ppl

Tempura Batter
2 Ea Large Softshell Crabs

Dust Top Of Crab With Flour And Shake Off Excess. Dip Top Of Crab In Batter, Shake Off Excess And Pan Fry In A Hot Very Hot Pan Until Deep Golden And Cooked. Blot Well On Paper Towel. Season With Pea Salt.

For The Sugar Snap Remoulade: For 2 Orders
1 C Sugar Snaps, Trimmed And De-Stringed, Blanched For 10 Seconds And Shocked, Dried And Sliced Into 1/8’ Thick Rondelles
¾ C Remoulade

Mix Well.

For The Remoulade:
Set 1
2 Ea Egg Yolks
2 Oz Cornichons
1 ½ Oz Fresh Lemon Juice
¼ Tspn Old Bay
1 Tb Green Tobasco
2 Tspn Tobasco
2 Tb Dijon
2 Tspn Salt
1 Tb Worshestire Sauce

Set 2
10 Oz Safflower Oil

Set 3
4 Tb Shallots, Minced
4 Tb Celery Hearts, Brunoised

Combine 1st Set In Food Processor And Process To Combine. Emulsify With The Oil. Transfer To A Boil And Mix In Shallots And Celery.

For The Pea Salt:
½ C Freeze Dried Peas (Available At Whole Foods)
1 Tb Fleur De Sel
1 Tspn Sugar

Combine All And Grind To Fine Powder.

To Serve:
75 G Sugar Snap Remoulade
6 Ea Micro Pea Leaves

Arrange Sugar Snap In A Neat Circle In The Center Of An App Plate. Scatter The Pea Leaves Around Sugar Snaps, Place Crab On Top Of Sugar Snaps And Dust All With Pea Salt.