Ingredients, Sustainability, Standards, Commitment

Jean-Georges Restaurants are making an effort to support non-GMO farms. We are advancing towards the clean food movement in sourcing non-GMO product wherever possible.

Our vendors are currently being evaluated to determine their contribution, positive or negative, to the environment. We are also proactively searching for sustainable, environmentally friendly product that adheres to the ethos of clean, natural food.

The standards we are looking for include, but are not limited to; the use of pesticides/herbicides, non-GMO, organic, natural pest deterrents, and responsible land usage. In time, these standards will become more concrete as we increase our knowledge of the environmental issues at hand and how we can positively effect the movement.

We have started small by focusing on produce. We are committed to examining each aspect of our businesses to determine the cause and effect of what we do each day with the goal of erasing our carbon footprint and focusing on the health and well-being of the individuals who consume our food.